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NitroRAM - utility for recovering wasted RAM and optimizing the RAM. NitroRAM will recover leaked memory (memory used by a program, but not freed). NitroRAM will also flush out unused DLLs, closed files, and other information that is wasting the RAM's space. NitroRAM features an intelligent brain to make sure that operation of NitroRAM does not interfere with regular computer. NitroRAM includes a vCache tweaking tool. This tool can optimize the RAM for faster and better performance. Clear and complete documentation is included, but all of NitroRAM's operations are self intuitive, so no documentation is needed! NitroRAM's interface is colorful and attractive; making it a joy, not a chore, to use. NitroRAM 1.1 now features a new "emergency recover" feature to recover RAM when you need it most. Version 1.1 also adds many new and great options!

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